Holistic Approach

By offering all the services required to run a high-performance sales and marketing operation, Songhees is able to provide a complete turnkey solution to accelerate your incursion into your target market.

Focus On Your Strengths

We handle the sales and marketing which allows you to focus on your core competencies and developing your business processes as you strive to realize your growth potential.

Lower Overhead

Our business development associates are available for less than what the average cost of an in-house employee with benefits and equipment typically runs.

Use What You Need

Use the integrated full service marketing department on an as-needed basis, knowing that we are intimately familiar with your business' goals and strategy.

Save Time

Time is money. Avoid the painful process of building your own sales and marketing operation from scratch. We've already taken care of that part for you.

Our Team Is Your Team

By working with Songhees, you get to leverage the power of an established sales and marketing team that acts and presents as an integral part of your organization. Business development associates are able to share business intelligence and leverage each other for introductions to key contacts in target organizations.

Let's Talk

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